Who We Are

The term UNICEF originally stands for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. The UNICEF works in around 190 countries and works towards improving the lives of children and families.

Our Belief

We believe that children have the right to survive, thrive and attain the utmost potential. All these culminate into enabling them to benefit the world in future times. Our task of improving the way they see the world and motivating them to do that speaks for itself.

Our mission

Countries have moved from good to great, but our children are forgotten. We remain committed to children and will always try to make things simpler for them. As the world moves forward in multiple industries, it also moves along with children. We need them if there is a need to keep growing.

What we are doing

For about seven decades the UNICEF our goal has been children, children, children. This has never changed because new ones come to the world every day. We understand what they face, and the best we can do is to: fight for their rights, give the reliable shelter, good food and nutrition, protection from conflict and disaster, and access to the best online learning technologies. We strive to ensure all children are included in every aspect of life wherever they are.

How we do it

Together with our umbrella body, we have made children a significant part of the global agenda. Together we do research and seek out solutions towards solving the problem of the child. We partner with our organizations that are chasing the same dream of doing every work and possible. In the end not only do we achieve our mandate but also the overall mandate of the United Nations.

Our results

We believe in children, that is what motivates us, UNICEF Haiti. We do not wait for them to look for us. We are out there trying as much to ensure that we touch the life even the ones that we do not see. Our reach has grown and been able to deliver the best for the young is our primary goal.