Age and Attitude towards Abortion

Age and Attitude towards Abortion

Age &


young in favor 150
young opposing 50
old in favor 80
old opposing 120

Abortion is more favoured among young people as indicated by the high number of young respondents who favoured abortion compared to old people. In terms of age, 120 participants among the old people were opposed to abortion. This is explained purely on the basis of Age and attitude of these people towards abortion. In a real-world example, young people may favour abortion more compared to old people because most of these young people are liberal and democratic

Political orientation and attitude toward Abortion

Liberal in Favor 150
Liberal Opposing 50
Conservative in Favor 80
Conservative Opposing 120

In terms of political orientation, liberals were in favour of abortion than conservatives as evident in the high number of respondents compared to conservatives. As such, conservatives who opposed abortion were also significantly higher than liberals to opposed abortion. A typical example in the real world is the fact that liberal people often view abortion as a person’s individual right to make the decision. Conservatives on the other hand are difficult to changes and cannot accept abortion

Age, political orientation and attitude towards Abortion

Young and Liberal Favor 90
Young and Liberal Oppose 10
Old and Liberal Favor 60
Old and Liberal Oppose 40
Young and Conservative Favor 60
Young and Conservative Oppose 40
Old and Conservative Favor 20
Young and Conservative Oppose 80


Majority of the young and liberal people have positive attitudes and favour abortion. This is contrary the number of old and liberal who favour abortion. Thus, abortion is more accepted among young and liberal people compared to old and liberal. In terms of opposition, young and conservative participants oppose abortion.

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