What We Do

The United Nation is the greatest organization in the world today. Its efforts have changed the direction of the world across multiple facets. The UN, however, does not operate a single entity it houses sub-organization relevant to various sectors and institutions such as children, food, shelter, health, human rights, security, the environment and many more.

You could be asking yourself what it is that it does for children and the answer is it takes care of its own. This is possible through the UNICEF. The UNICEF has for decades been an important aspect in the lives of children through its various child initiatives. Different children, from early childhood to adolescence, in different countries, face different challenges, in Haiti where we have our UNICEF Haiti, there is a lot we do, as follows:

We ensure that every child has access to a safe and inclusive environment

Children are people too, not many people many years ago thought their place in society was that important. Truth is when there is violence in a country children hurt the most. Every year, at Haiti we have tried to push for policies that safeguard children and ensure they have an environment to achieve their potential.

We ensure children have a right to survive and thrive

Culture or traditional institutions have affected the way people care for their children. In the past, the child mortality rate was high in Haiti. In a bid to change this, we have worked towards bringing the hospitals closer to the people. This way children can survive harsh times with the help our doctors.

We ensure that a child gets to study

Not all children come from great backgrounds. Many families are struggling to put food on the table. Education in most of these cases is not the main issue to handle. We know that this should not be the only reason, UN Haiti has made steps to make sure that both girls and boys have access to education just like the able ones through different forms of aid and financial assistance.

We are there for the children during emergencies

For a long time, we have worked with children across the world. We have a group of hugely trained and highly competent doctors in our Haiti offices. The reason is that in the case of an emergency we are there for the sake of the child and their survival.

We know that the girl attains potential

The way a child grows up matters. Exposure and a good foundation about the issues of society. Oftenly, girls in society have faced exclusion in most of these aspects. UNICEF Haiti has ensured the girl child has gotten access to information and participation in political, economic and social issues. This way the girl and the woman in society can fulfill potential in the areas just like other people in society.

We ensure the development of children by innovation

There is a lot of information out there about children. The findings can make a difference. UNICEF Haiti has strived to ensure it comes up with initiatives and innovations that can speed up the development of children in society.

The problem of every child does not end here, but UNICEF Haiti keeps itself on alert every day to ensure the life of a child is excellent. Our way of doing things is all but making the life of a child safer and motivated. In the end not only do we touch the child but also help the society of the child get better because children are the future our country, Haiti.